Happy Birthday Bro. Kenny!

After our Sunday evening worship service we celebrated Bro. Kenny’s birthday with cake and ice cream! It was also a time of sweet fellowship!

THANK YOU Bro. Kenny for all you do in the service of our Lord and Savior Jesus!!!

August is Missions Month!

Acts 1:8
“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. And you will be my witnesses, telling people about me everywhere—in Jerusalem, throughout Judea, in Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

August is missions month at Bethel Baptist church, we are an Acts 1:8 church we attempt to live out the command that Jesus gave in this verse.

On 2 occasions this summer our Brotherhood has worked locally to help replace the roof on homes where the homeowner could not afford the labor.

We have had church members to go and be a part of missions efforts to 3 different states as well as the country of Panama.

During the month of August beginning on Sunday evening August 8th we will be sharing how God allowed us to serve him on the mission field.

*Sunday August 8th @ 7:00 pm we will hear from some folks who were part of a church building team in Dewey Oklahoma.

*Sunday August 15th @ 7:00 pm we will hear from our youth about their mission trip to Pascagoula Mississippi.

*Sunday August 22nd @ 7:00 pm will be a time of sharing about our trip to Panama.

*Sunday August 29th @ 7:00pm we will hear about missions and ministry opportunities in

If you are interested in learning more about how God is working in other parts of the world please come out and join us for any of these services.

Quick Update from Panama

We arrived safely in Panama on Wednesday! Our plane was delayed on Tuesday, so we flew out on Wednesday around noon to Atlanta and then on to Panama City, Panama. We are being absolutely blessed by the work that God is doing here in Panama! We have been very busy with all kinds of ministering, from prayer walking, door to door evangelism, and children’s actvities. So far four have given their hearts to Christ!!!!
So here are a few pictures until we get home and are able to share more! Buenos dias!

Panama countryside – very beautiful!

A lady that is part of a tribe that we were able to minister to the first day in Panama.

One of the children from the tribe. These children were so precious and loved having their pictures made!

Our team with Pastor Ricardo and his family.
We look forward to the rest of our trip!

Youth Mission Trip to Pascagoula, Mississippi

Bethel’s youth along with our Pastor and Youth Pastor have been in Pascagoula, Mississippi since Saturday. From what we hear they have been having a wonderful week so far in ministering, witnessing, and having some amazing “God” moments!

They have handed out over 200 Bibles so far!

Brother Kenny shared this last night:
“Four members of this mission team in Pascagoula will also be part of a team that will be serving in the country of Panama in the city of David. At our park ministry in Pascagoula tonite a young lady who is originally from David, Panama sat down next to one of our team members who will be part of the Panama team. God is so… good. We had a wonderful conversation and time of fellowship with this precious lady!”

Only God could make such an arrangement!

We are all excited to see all of the blessings from this mission trip!

Mother/Daughter Brunch May 1, 2010

The ladies at Bethel Baptist Church enjoyed our Annual Mother/Daughter Brunch on May 1.

Our theme was “Sanctity of Human Life” and our guest speaker was Chris Jolly. I love Chris dearly and she is a sweet Sister in Christ and a great speaker.

Of course we ate first.

The last biscuit…

Sweet Madelyn lovin‘ her some chocolate strawberry

Of course Brother Kenny came to bless the food and sample it to make sure it was fit for Daughters of our King to eat!!

We had a funny skit….

And several beautiful mothers and daughters singing praises to God!

We always have so much fun together and are already looking forward to next year!

Homecoming 4/11/10

The ladies on the kitchen committee get to the school early to receive food.

Most everyone stops and brings food on their way to Sunday School…

Even the preacher!

More food…

Keeping the food hot and cold is part of our job!

Reserving a place for one of our Senior Saints!

Time to put the food out.

I think we always have more deserts than anything else!

We love these rolls but are even more thankful for the “Bread of Life” our Savior Jesus Christ!

Great food…Wonderful fellowship!

We are so blessed with a wonderful family at Bethel Baptist Church!

Easter Weekend

Our celebration for Easter started Friday with our Good Friday service. There was a great crowd there that wanted to worship the Lord and praise His Name!

Kim singing our pre-service music.
Bro. Kenny welcoming everyone.

Our choir always blesses us in song!

Christy singing “Via Dolorosa” while the Jesus video plays in the background.

Bro. Bill did a great job with his sermon.

Bro. Greg also blessed us with a message on the Lord’s Supper.

Bro. Allen, one of our deacons.

On Saturday afternoon we held an Easter egg hunt, but beforehand our youth pastor, Larry David shared the story of the Resurrection Eggs and about Jesus’ love for all mankind.

This was taken on Easter morning during our children’s dismissal for children’s church. This is when the children bring their offerings up for our “Change for Souls” offering that goes towards different things each month. It is a favorite part of our morning worship service!

We were extremely blessed with a great weekend of celebrating the Hope that we can only find in Jesus!